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Vincent Arcuri
President Cooperative Real Estate USA
Vincent Arcuri is the President Cooperative Real Estate USA and holds the distinction of being a true seven figure residential real estate agent. Imagine generating over $1M Dollars in commissions as an individual agent. Mr. Arcuri was recognized as the #1 ERA Agent in the World and holds countless production, professionalism and mentorship acknowledgments from other National Brands. A janitor for Tampa Electric until he was 28 years old when an established residential real estate Broker spotted this incredible talent and paid for him to go to Real Estate School. Vince is a true student of the industry, he still credits Floyd Wickman with teaching him how to sell Real Estate in 1995.
Today Mr. Arcuri teaches others how to break into the Executive, Celebrity and Elite Level Luxury markets and how to use Hyper Local Social Media and Video Blogging to generate listings. His coveted Executive & Elite Luxury Certification happens live on The Gulf Coast of Florida where Real Estate Agents from around the globe converge on Naples, Siesta Key and The Tampa Bay to learn the real skillsets necessary to serve Real Estate's most valuable clientele.
Vince likes to say that "it's true that less than 1% of Real Estate Agents will ever sell a home above $1M but 99% want to".

Motto: Everything in business is about treating people well, if we consistently put a cutting edge product on the table the money will always follow.
Professional Goal: to help as many people as I can transform their personal life through their profession in the same way that I have
Personal Goal: to never think about money ever, never ever even think about money ever again!

Alex Zoltan Szinegh
President Cooperative Real Estate Canada
Alex Zoltan Szinegh is the President of Cooperative Real Estate Canada and The Regional Management Executive for Cooperative Real Estate Southeast USA. Mr. Szinegh shares a vested interest in the success of every member of The Cooperative Real Estate movement. His statement “We are committed to your growth” is not just a slogan, it’s a lifelong commitment. His belief is that the “Agents are the Assets of the Corporation” and the corporation should be serving them, not the other way around. A Hungarian born refugee of unimaginable circumstance in a war torn region, Mr. Szinegh fled homelessness and starvation for the safety of the Canadian Border. 40 years a Canadian and the father of 4 healthy beautiful children, Mr. Szinegh achieved meteoric success as a residential real estate agent equipped with only a grade 10 education. With an impressive track record of 32 years and over 3000 sales, he later became a Real Estate Broker and emerged finally as The Executive Vice President of North American Real Estate for Exit Realty Corp. International. Alex was also the Director of Training for that organization with a keen focus on personal and professional development. He has since authored several bestselling books with co-authors like Greg S. Reid, Dr. Rohm, Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield and the esteemed Stephen Covey.
Mr. Szinegh has trained and or coached tens of thousands of Real Estate agents to communicate more effectively, take listings and grow their income. He still runs free trainings regularly to pay it forward and give back to the industry that gave him and his family a life he could never have even imagined. Alex is a successful Real Estate developer in emerging markets like Costa Rica where he enjoys broadcasting free trainings from his oceanfront sanctuary.
Motto: “Nothing can resist the human will that stakes even its existence on a stated purpose”.
Professional Goal: to make Cooperative Real Estate the largest most productively successful real estate brand on The North American continent and the World, starting with the project to Un-Franchise American Real Estate.
Personal Goal: to be the best Father and example I can be and to provide opportunity for others to enjoy success on a scale that they can't even imagine.

Ray Anastas
Cooperative Real Estate Group
Pembroke Pines, FL
Ray Anastas is the President/ Broker of Patriot Associates LLC a three year old real estate company. Patriot has recently joined the Cooperative USA family and Ray is excited about being one of the founding “50”, a company that is committed to being “a National Brand without Franchise Fees” to the benefit of their agents and owners. Ray has been involved in real estate for over 40 years as a broker, broker/agent, investor, property manager, and a business broker. Ray looks forward to expanding his knowledge as a Broker/Owner of the Cooperative USA Movement. Ray has always welcomed challenges. He was the first three letter male athlete at Framingham State University, played semi-pro football and ran the Boston Marathon.      read more
Motto: “There is no self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others”.
George Shinn.
Professional Goal: To work with the people in my brokerage to meet their desired potential which will make me a better leader.

Personal Goal: To wake up each and every day and appreciate, and enjoy my family and co-workers.

Mark Goldberg
Cooperative Real Estate Orlando
Celebration, FL
Mark Goldberg is the President of Cooperative Real Estate Orlando with several locations in Central Florida. He is a seasoned Professional with over 20 years experience in International and US Property Sales. He carries numerous certifications in the Real Estate Industry in addition to awards for recruiting & training successful teams over the years.
He was the President of Goldberg Real Estate, where they specialized in Condo Hotels. He carved out a specific niche educating overseas investors for pre-construction Condo Hotel Resort projects in the US and around the world.
He has also won numerous awards over the years for his excellence in serving International clients buying Florida properties.                                            Read More

Motto: We live in a world of abundance! If you help enough People achieve their goals, then we will achieve ours!
Professional Goal: To Create a highly proficient Brokerage and staff providing value & services & an environment for Real Estate Agents to become the BEST that they can be!

Personal Goal: To continue to have Passion in my work and to enjoy a long & healthy life with my wife.

LaFonya Hughes
A Plus Realty Group 
An Affiliate of Cooperative Real Estate 
Hinesville, GA
LaFonya Huges is a mother of 3 adult children and has been a military wife for 20+ years. After living in 7 different states and abroad she began to desire a career in real estate. Ms. Huges has been a licensed agent since 2001 and has specialized in servicing the military community because she knows the complexity and challenges they face first hand. LaFonya became a broker in 2009 and  opened A Plus in 2011. She has received several production awards for both individual and team accomplishments. She was granted a VA contract in 2012 and has closed over 130 distressed properties through this program. Ms. Huges has a passion for people and her mission is to help all that have the desire and the means to achieve the dream of home ownership.
Motto: "Fulfilling Dreams One Home At A Time"

Professional Goal: "To earn a reputation as the go to brokerage for buyers, sellers and agents alike."

Personal Goal: To build a portfolio of income generating real estate and to continue my love of travel as the company begins to run well without me being there everyday.

John Rainville
An Affiliate of Cooperative Real Estate
8 offices in PA 
John Rainville has been preparing for "this" since he first acquired his Real Estate license in 1986. His leadership is a product of immense experience and caring that is evident in the way he approaches every relationship. He gained professional credentials in Appraisals, Commercial Brokerage, New Construction, Land Development, REO's & HUD property sales & marketing over the years.  Currently he is licensed Broker in PA, MD, and NY.  Internet lead generation & incubation have been at the forefront of his company after being a top closing member of the LendingTree Broker network for years.  Currently, Rainville has grown his firm to 9 offices. Mr. Rainville leads a true regional Real Estate      read more  

Motto in business: "Pay it forward" it will come back.

Business Goal: To forever change the way Agents are developed by Brokers.  Recognize that it is a partnership.

Personal goal: To have fun every day in whatever I do and gain the financial freedom to do so with more of my family.

Lisa Ristow
Cooperative Real Estate The Ristow Group
Bullshead City, AZ
A lover of adventure, every living creation and wide variety of outdoor activities from fishing to skydiving. Born & raised in Wisconsin a Midwestern girl to the core with embedded memories of the scents of freshly cut green grass and flying to Green Bay in a small plane with my family over bright city lights in star studded skies to watch the Packers play on Lambeau Field. As the daughter of a custom home builder I developed a passion for real estate at a young age when I watched in amazement as freshly cut pieces of wood and nails magically became homes & sat open houses long before child labor laws came in to effect.  Shortly after graduating high school while attending college and working was offered a job promotion and transfer to Southern California. No sooner had my plane landed was overtaken by the immense opportunities I saw before me, read more
Motto in businessYou can take a girl out of the Midwest but you cannot take the Midwest out of a girl. With a down to earth character I hold myself accountable to the highest degree of industry knowledge and professional standards.
Business GoalTo always be at the top of my game, an industry leader and mentor leaving a blazing trail down unchartered paths. They ask "How did you achieve that success?" and I tell them "You can do it too. Let me show you how."
Personal goalTo be the best I can be to myself and others by never ending my reach to further develop my God given talents.

Kay Szinegh
Cooperative Real Estate Tampa Bay 
Tampa, FL
Kay Paight is a rare 3rd generation Floridian and brings 12 years of Real Estate Sales and Management experience to The Tampa Bay area.  After working with several national franchise companies, she found that they were limiting and extremely expensive to her bottom line. Kay is proud to have the distinction of being a Charter Brokerage at Cooperative Real Estate Tampa Bay where her Agents work with the most compelling operating platform in Real Estate and choose from a menu of professional assistance and compensation opportunities offering the freedom to control their own vocation.
Prior to working in Real Estate, Kay held an executive position with a national medical company for 19 years. Negotiating with Insurance Companies, Physicians, and Hospital Administrators while managing 116 offices & Sales Representatives in read more
Motto: We are a direct reflection of the 5 people we associate with most and our attitude, income, and lifestyle is the average of those 5 people. Choose wisely!
Professional Goal: My passion and the legacy I leave is “The joy of getting others to see what they are truly capable of.”
Personal Goal: To live a long and healthy life filled with passion and travel with my love, Alex. To exemplify a life that shows my daughters what love, commitment and a strong independent woman looks like. And to be the person my dog thinks I am.

Kris VanGool
Cooperative Real Estate Team
Lighthouse Point, FL
Kris VanGool is an elite real estate talent and has proven himself as an industry leader in luxury and executive level residential sales. Mr. VanGool has never prospected a day in his life; 100% of his client base is generated from his unique "Customer for Life" perspective and his commitment to delivering world class service.  Kris is a graduate of The Cooperative Broker Success Series™, he holds a Designation as a Real Estate Staging Professional and has been coached and trained by the nation's most respected industry leaders. Kris is student of The CORE, Brian Buffini and Tom Ferry. He has the mindset and methodology to build, organize and lead a productive real estate team.
Kris' motto in business: "The only sustainable competitive advantage in business is delivering world class service"
Kris' business goal: To break the cycle of laziness and apathy that runs throughout residential real estate and help a couple hundred very close friends create an incredible life for themselves and their family.
Kris' personal goal: My business goals and my personal goals intersect in so many ways but if I had to separate them I would say that my health and my physicality are my absolute highest priority. Given a healthy body and mind; I would like to travel extensively as my team functions better without me present. 

Vivian Zeoli
Cooperative Real Estate Team
Plantation, FL
Vivian Zeoli has been an industry leader in South Florida Real Estate for more than 20 years. Mrs. Zeoli was elected President of the Miami Dade Board of Realtors and is a leader in the Hispanic Association of Real Estate Professionals. She is constantly being recognized by her peers for her selfless contributions to her industry, her community and her associates. Vivian has been awarded several government and institutional contracts to liquidate REO and other distressed residential real estate in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. Vivian Zeoli is the creative and organizational force behind The Cooperative Real Estate Team, she arranged the CORE curriculum for the benefit of her agents and she is a true mentor offering her council to every one of The CORE Associates.
Vivian's motto in business: "treat others the way you would like to be treated and blessings will follow you everywhere that you go"
Vivian's business goal: To help The Cooperative Real Estate Team become the most productively successful Real Estate Brokerage in Broward County managing 5 facilities with 300 Full Time Productive Real Estate Agents before my daughter goes off to college.
Vivian's personal goal: To support my children toward their own definition of success and to live the vows of my marriage until death do we part.
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